Cinco Elementos Joven

Red Wine made from the Tempranillo Or Red Fino Vines as it is known in the area. The Vineyard is located on the north bank of the DueroRiver, in the Locality of Olivares, where limestone soils and extreme climate give shape to this wine.

Gold Medal 2017, International Competition of Lyon
Gold Tempranillo 2014, Tempranillos to the World Contest
Silver Medal Winner 2014, Vino Challenge wine Competition

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This wine is only sold in boxes of 6 Bottles



About the wine

Graduation 13.50
75cl Content
Type Red


Operating temperature 15 º C
Composition Red Fine Grape 100

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Visual Live Garnet with purple edgings.
Smell Intense notes of red berries.
Taste Tasty, soft and fresh.


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